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The UEFA European Championship 2021 soccer tournament was named as UEFA European Nations Cup in 1968. It is a national men’s football competition held every four years between the European countries. The 2021 UEFA European Football Championship is scheduled to be the 16th tournament this year.

It is now more often referred to as “Euro 2021” (for this year tournament) or “the Euros”. This tournament is planned to be held in 12 cities in 12 European countries this summer. Apart from that video assistant referee system (which is known as “VAR”), will be used at UEFA European Championship 2021 for the first time. Football league is one of the biggest sports events in the world. European Championship is the second largest international football game in the world, while the first is the FIFA World Cup which has more followers.

With 55goal, you can find all the past results and the latest news regarding the competition. Want to bet for Euro 2021? Searching for some data of the past matches that might help you in your online football betting? Tabulating the past results in European Championship? On this page, we are sharing with you about the format, past winners, fastest goals result, highest-scoring matches and best goalscorers in the record of the history of the Euro football league.

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The Revolution of Format & Structure of the Euro’s

Let us explain the changes in the format from 1960 to 2016 in the history of European football. From 1960 to 1976, the final game consists of semi-finals, third-place matches and also final (five games were played in 1968 since the final were decided on a replay).

In 1980, there was no semi-finals match played in European Championship. The group winners played each other in the final and the country in second-placed played a third-place match. In the period from 1984 to 1992, the final phase included group plays with two groups, also the knockout of the tournament consisted of semifinals and final.

Games from 1996 to 2012, the final stage contained group to play with four groups, while the knockout phase included quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final. In Euro 2016, the final phase consists of group play with six groups. The second stage of the competition, just after the group stage, consisted of round 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and also one final game.

European Championship Football Past Winners & Most Wins

Who are the Euro football history winners? Who has the most European Championship titles? Looking for the European Championship result? From the statistics in the table below, we can see that there has been a total of nine countries that won the game, which is Spain and Germany are the two most successful nations in the Euro’s tournament’s history.

They won three titles each; France with two; while Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands. Greece, the Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia have won one title each. Spain is the only country that won the consecutive titles, which is in the years 2008 and 2012. Let’s take a look at the past glory results of the Euro winners in the European Championship history. It may help you a little in your online gambling and sports betting.

Year Winners Runners-Up Hosts
1960 Soviet Union Yugoslavia France
1964 Spain Soviet Union Spain
1968 Italy Yugoslavia Italy
1972 West Germany Soviet Union Belgium
1976 Czechoslovakia West Germany Yugoslavia
1980 West Germany Belgium Italy
1984 France Spain France
1988 Netherlands Soviet Union West Germany
1992 Denmark Germany Sweden
1996 Germany Czech Republic England
2000 France Italy Belgium & Holland
2004 Greece Portugal Portugal
2008 Spain Germany Austria & Switzerland
2012 Spain Italy Poland & Ukraine
2016 Portugal France France

UEFA European Championship Fastest Goals

55goal is now sharing the previous news about some of the quickest goals recorded in the European Championship. Is your favorite football artist included in the following list? Check them out and know more about the fastest goal in soccer and their best scores result in European Championship!

  • 1:07 – Dmitri Kirichenko (UEFA Euro 2004: Russia 2-1 Greece)
  • 1:40 – Robert Lewandowski (UEFA Euro 2016: Poland 1-1 Portugal, with 3-5 penalty kick)
  • 2:00 – Robbie Brady (UEFA Euro 2016: France 2-1 Republic of Ireland)
  • 2:14 – Petr Jiracek (UEFA Euro 2012: Greece 1-2 Czech Republic)
  • 2:25 – Micheal Owen (UEFA Euro 2004: Portugal 2-2 England, with 6-5 penalty kick)

UEFA European

Top 10 Highest-scoring Matches in Euro Championship History

Checking the UEFA European Championship scores result? Want to know the highest-scoring soccer match that happens in the Euro’s? Don’t worry, in 55goal, we have already summaries and tabulate all the data you for your ease reference. The following are the top 10 highest-scoring soccer games in the history of European Championship.

Number of Goals Winning time(s) Game Result
9 Once 1960 Semi-finals France 4-5 Yugoslavia
7 3 times 2000 Group Stage
2000 Quarter-finals
2016 Quarter-finals
Yugoslavia 3-4 Spain
Netherlands 6-1 Yugoslavia
France 5-2 Iceland
6 6 times 1976 Semi-finals
1996 Group Stage
2000 Group Stage
2000 Group Stage
2012 Quarter-finals
2016 Group Stage
Yugoslavia 2-4 West Germany
Russia 3-3 Czech Republic
Yugoslavia 3-3 Slovenia
Croatia 2-4 England
Germany 4-2 Greece
Hungary 3-3 Portugal

10 Best Goal Scorers in European Championship

Looking for a football player with the best performance in European Championship? The number of goals by the following players might be able to tell you some information. The following are the top 10 players in the history of Euro results who have scored the most goals in the tournament.

Player Team Goals Matches
Michel Platini France 9 5
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 9 21
Alan Shearer England 7 9
Antoine Griezmann France 6 7
Ruud van Nistelrooy Netherlands 6 8
Patrick Kluivert Netherlands 6 9
Wayne Ronney England 6 10
Thierry Henry France 6 11
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sweden 6 13
Nuno Gomes Portugal 6 14

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