Top 10 Premier League Assist Holder of All Time

In the world of football, most of the time goal scorers are the ones who takes all the credit. But without a good pass or a corner kick, who would have the chance to score a goal in a game? The goal scorers would know how vital the assist player would be. Without the presence of a great player along side them, their skills would be put to waste.

Some of the top teams definitely have some great talents on creating some flawless finishes, but those with the skills to create goal opportunities are the rare treasures. You can try to spot them in the Premier League now as there are games playing.

Highlights of Amazing Assist of Premier League

Kevin De Bruyne, the playmaker of Manchester City has an amazing talent on creating goal opportunities and climbing the assist leaderboard. But even such great talent find himself behind a number of top-notch footballers that have took over the board for years. Watch Premier League highlights on how the playmaker create opportunities for the striker to score a goal.

Here we reveal the top 10 Premier League assist holder of all time, and how they made it into the legendary leaderboard.

Best Playmakers in the Premier League

  1. Ryan Giggs – 162 assists
  2. This legendary player from Manchester United is way above the others in the list thanks to his impressive amount of appearances in competition, 632 matches. The only football player that has made more appearances than Ryan Giggs is Gareth Barry, 653. The Welsh footballer have a team of super talented players and with the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson, they managed to deliver an impeccable result. His skills are enough to make some crazy runs and accurate deliveries. After a service of total 24 years, he has been crowned as the all-time top Premier League assist record of 162.

  3. Cesc Fàbregas – 111 assists
  4. This player is well known for his accurate passing, it brings joy to the spectators that watch him play the competition. The Spaniard first displayed his skills in Arsenal, after some impressive performance leading him to Barcelona. After no time he is back in London, this time joining Chelsea, where he can fully utilize his abilities. He has a unbeatable record of producing goals in his 5 years of service for Chelsea. Cesc Fàbregas recorded 376 through balls and 1,364 accurate long passes from only 350 appearances during his time in England’s most valuable team.

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  5. Wayne Rooney – 103 assists
  6. Many Everton supporters will not forget Rooney’s short stay in blue, due to the impact he brings to the club. But most of us will remember him in the Red Devils. In Manchester United is where Rooney shines with his finishing abilities and also creating goals for his teammates holding a Premier League assist record of 103.Even till now, Rooney still show no signs of slowing down at the age of 34. But he decided to leave the days as a striker behind him. If one day he decides to return to the top flight, climbing the Premier League assist leaderboard would still be in his grasp.

  7. Frank Lampard – 102 assists
  8. All Chelsea supporters would know how legendary and special this player is. Frank Lampard is not only in the top scorer chart, but also first place in their assist leaderboard. This player is definitely a rare treasure in the world of football that are able to perform so consistently in Chelsea. Frank Lampard is now returned to west London for management, but those memorable passing and through ball are certainly in the heads of many supporters with his Premier League assist record of 102.

  9. Dennis Bergkamp – 94 assists
  10. Like we mentioned above, it is very rare to find someone that are capable of goal scoring and also deliver such impeccable passing. This former Arsenal player is the jack of all trades with a Premier League assist record of 94 and 87 goals for Arsenal. The Arsenal forward have contributed so much for both the club and country with his technique and guidance achieving three Premier League titles and three FA Cups, putting aside the large numbers of individual achievements like Golden Boot Awards and more.

  11. David Silva – 93 assists
  12. David Silva have a successful career with Manchester City in the year of 2010 to 2020. He has recorded 93 assists in 309 games during his 10 years of service, bring so much of benefit to the club. The left-footer will definitely be missed in England having he decided to join Real Sociedad recently. Will the magician make a return to the top flight and complete his century of Premier League assist record? If he decided to do so, it will definitely happen.

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  13. Steven Gerrard – 92 assists
  14. One of the masters of the dead ball, this midfielder certainly has the ability to control and change the pace of the game. With a ball at his feet, anything can be made possible. Famous for his through balls and accurate long-range passes, the Liverpool legend holds a Premier League assist record of 92 and top it off with 120 goals during his 504 appearances for the Reds.

  15. James Milner – 84 assists
  16. James Milner is considered a veteran in the Premier League giving the numbers of clubs he had joined. Just to name a few, Leeds, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Manchester City. But he does not under perform during the switch of clubs having a Premier League assist record of 84. Even the numbers have declined over time, it is completely understandable as he less play time now. If given an opportunity, he will certainly have the chance to overtake some of the assist holders in this leaderboard.

  17. David Beckham – 80 assists
  18. This man needs no introduction when it comes to football. He is one of the best free kick takers of all time, the midfielder of Manchester United have grabbed the attention of many supporters with his impeccable technique and also his accurate passes and crosses making goal opportunities for his teammates. For more than a decade of service in England, Beckham went to take over both Europe and United States, again with remarkable deliveries of his long range passing, free kicks and corners.

  19. Teddy Sheringham – 76 assists
  20. Sheringham will definitely be remembered mostly of his skills on scoring goals with a record of 146 making him the 11th in the all time Premier League Standings. This former Manchester United and Spurs footballer is also a goal maker with awesome technique and skills with a Premier League assist record of 76.

Like we have mentioned, Premier League is now playing live. Stay tuned with us on get the live scores on Premier League and get to know the latest news on the Premier League scene. More football knowledge and analysis blog coming right up, just stay tuned for more information.