World Best Football Leagues 2020

Football is played almost in every country that exists in the world, almost regularly. Are you a fan of football? Searching for world best football leagues to follow? Football is not just a sport, but also a passion for all the fans.

Here are the top 5 most entertaining and the best football leagues in the world: English Premier League, Serie A in Italy, La Liga in Spanish, German Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 from French. There is plenty of consideration we must be aware of when selecting and deciding the competition and popularity of a soccer league.

Some of the examples are the quality of the games, the number of goals scored, production’s talent, the format and structure, competitiveness level and unpredictability, and many more. In 55goal, we will be sharing the top 5 famous and best football leagues in the world and some of the well-known clubs and footballers in each championship. You can also get the live match result and watch the instant goal replays.

Top 5 Famous Football Leagues

Premier League – England

The Premier League in England, EPL (also known as Premiership) is the top-rated and professional football association league in the world. This best football league was established in 1992 which consists of 20 teams. With unceasing news coverage, the number of prestigious clubs, huge transfer fees, and attendance makes and the good result in this football league, makes it becomes the best in the world. This is the most-watched best football league in the world.

The Premier League boasts the most interesting football match, lucrative television contract in sports, securing its global reach and gathering fans from anywhere and everywhere. In season 2019/2020, the top 5 football clubs in Premier League are Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United.

Why can the Premier League be the best football league in the world? Curious about the current top 3 goal scorers in English Premier League? The famous goal scorers are Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who took his tally for 2019-20 to 17 goals in his personal record which is the same as Jamie Vardy from Leicester City. Followed by Sergio Agüero from Manchester City with 16 goals scored. Apart from that, with plenty of time still left in the 2019-20 campaign, Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and Raheem Sterling from Manchester City will also feel they still have a chance to climb the board.

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La Liga - Spain

One of the best football leagues in the world belongs to Spanish La Liga, also named as Ligue 1 Conforama, which was founded in 1929, contested 20 teams playing each other two times during a season. It hosts the largest and most thrilling competition in history, which is Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

These two teams have to stand over in the past two decades in the field of the European football league, with the two best players to over grace the game respectively, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They are the most famous football stars in the world of the football league.

Some of the most followed teams in La Liga are Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid was voted as the Best Club of the 20th Century by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football), while FC Barcelona has been recurrently considered the best team in the field of football.

Bundesliga - Germany

Undoubtedly, the German domestic best league in the world of football: Bundesliga, is one of the toughest football leagues in Europe with the highest average stadium attendance worldwide. The Bundesliga was founded in 1962 in Dortmund, Germany with 18 teams playing in it.

Some of your favorite top scorers in Bundesliga are a Polish professional footballer, Robert Lewandowski from club of Bayern Munich; Timo Werner from RB Leipzig; and Jadon Sancho from Broussia Dortmund. As of 1st of March 2020, Bundesliga's topmost scorer in last season, Robert Lewandowski has won a fourth Torjägerkanone. However, Timo Werner from RB Leipzig is challenging Lewandoswki in the 2019/20 standings, while Erling Haaland is speedily crawling the board.

Serie A - Italy

Another most significant and best football league in the world belongs to the Italian Serie A. The league was founded in 1898 and it was ranked as one of the best football leagues in Europe by UEFA. Serie A has been successfully gaining the attention of the media ever since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus. Besides Ronaldo, some of the well-known footballers in this football league are Lorenzo Insigne, Gianluigi Buffon, Paulo Dybala and more.

Ciro Immobile of Lazio is the highest goal scorer now, with 27 goals scored in Serie A, the best football league in the world. Followed by 21 scored goals by Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. Italian soccer known as Calcio has always cultivated players with excellent quality. As what we can think of AC Milan’s lifelong captain Paolo Maldini, Juventus’ goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, Roma’s former striker, and captain Totti.

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Ligue1 – France

Searching for the best football league in the world? Ligue 1 is one of the best football league systems in French and well-known in the world. It was officially beginning in the year 1932 and has seen various clubs emerge as the domineering club at various times. There was an unpredictable result in French Ligue1, the league has been winning for consecutive 7 times in 9 years from 1990 to 2000.

Ligue 1, the French’s best football league, is supporting many football stars that later excel in the French national team. Talent production has always been a guarantee in the French local league. One of the latest and best examples is Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé.

Top 3 scorers in Ligue 1 are Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain with 18 goals scored; Wissam Ben Yedder, 17 goals scored; and Moussa Dembele with 16 goals scored. Apart from that, Neymar Jr, Marco Verratti, Ángel Di María, Edinson Cavani, and others are some examples of the football star players who attract a lot of attention to the French football league.