Best Free Kick Takers in Premier League

Free Kick is a form of art that one needs to be equipped with immense amount of practice and patience to achieve greatness. Even so, it’s a skill that is often overlooked in the modern soccer game. Football fans often watch football instant replay on Premier League but little pay attention of free kick.

Locating the ball at the top corner from a distance of more than 30 yards is not dependent on luck but skills. A small part of soccer players in Premier League have a known reputation on being able to deliver a perfect free kick to bend the ball past a goalkeeper. One of the legendary players known worldwide for having the best free kick is David Beckham. Check more about other best football leagues in the World.

Highlights of Premier League Top Free Kick Takers

Without wasting anymore time, let us take you to discover few highlights of the most vicious free kick takers in the Premier League Live Matches. We have analyzed the players who have taken more than 15 free kicks shots to know their conversion rate to a goal. There are eight players in the list that we thought are honorable to be in the top as the best free kick taker, but that is just based on our opinion.

Top 8 Best Free Kick Takers You Must Know

  1. David Luiz
  2. This Brazilian centre-back is a key player in Chelsea’s Premier League. After some time, he become just a squad player due to the appearance of Antonio Conte. David Luiz is hesitant on the manager’s tactics after the defeat to Roma in a Champions League match but that will not take away his ability to deliver a perfect free kick. David scored an iconic goal against Liverpool few seasons back when he surprised Simon Mignolet with a twist of mind in a soccer match battle at Anfield. Anyhow, his overall conversion rate is just 4.76 percent of his free kick attempts.

free takers in premier league 2020

  1. Manuel Lanzini
  2. The star player of West Ham United has been on the spotlight for fan at the London stadium since his first appearance in 2015. He is not as vicious at a distance like Payet but has scored a direct free kick goal, granting him a 5.56 percent conversion rate. The match was against Leicester City and it was a perfect kick free locating at the top corner of the goal making him one of the best free kick taker. It was a superb free kick and Hammers supporters will hope that Lanzini will be able to perform the same in the future games.

  1. Riyad Mahrez
  2. This Leicester forward is superbly skilled in few areas, especially when it comes to striking a ball in a distance. One of the reasons Manchester United are willingly to bid £65million to bring him in is due to his technical ability from tough situations. Riyad scored one goal out of his 14 free kick attempts. The match was against Bournemouth when he strikes this goal past Asmir Begovic. Riyad have a 7.14 percent conversion rate.

  1. James Ward-Prowse
  2. James is a play maker. He is known for his corner kicks that cause danger in the penalty area and additionally, he is always a threat when it comes to free kick. Similar to Mahrez, James has a 7.14 percent conversion rate which is one goal out of 14 attempts. The match was against West Bromwich Albion and the Southampton midfielder whoop the ball cross Ben Foster making him one of the best free kick taker.

  1. Gylfi Sigurðsson
  2. This Icelander carried Swansea City up last season. He always managed to find a way to get the ball to the back of the net. He scored two free kick goals out of 26 attempts. Both of the goals were important. He equalizes the score at Old Trafford and the goal against Crystal Palace put the Swans back into the game.

free kicks over the past two seasons

  1. Alexis Sánchez
  2. The Manchester United forward has a conversion rate of 7.69 percent from his free kicks over the past two seasons. He has yet to perform for the Red Devils but Arsenal definitely have benefitted from his ability to strike a good free kick. Coincidentally, both of Sánchez’s goals is on the 2016/17 season. He needs to boost his performance in game before he gets push down the list.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne
  2. Kevin is one of the best midfielders in Europe but as we are talking about best free kick taker. He is only second in our list. Out of his 27 attempts for Pep Guardiola, he aced 3 which end up his conversion rate of 11.11 percent.

  1. Marcos Alonso
  2. This Chelsea player have an exceptional statistic when it comes to scoring goals. He has scored 12 goals since the arrival to England at the beginning of the 2016/17 season. One quarter of the goals come from his free kicks. The Chelsea wing-back, has converted 20 percent of his goals in the Premier League. He is undeniably the best free kick taker in the English League.

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