The Coronavirus & Worldwide Soccer Events

After the happening of World War II, there has never been such a disruption like this year in the worldwide professional sports, including soccer. The coronavirus has changed the structure of the face of games completely. Only a minor percentage of countries still remained their soccer league activities, but still at closed doors. At the other hand, most major soccer leagues are all shut down. Soccer clubs, team players, and everyone involved in soccer are still trying to accept this as the new norm. .

We’ve observed few leagues are starting back their training and games in private with firm standard of procedures, even though the pandemic’s damage on soccer worldwide is substantial. The image of stadium filled with cheering fans has faded until the coronavirus pandemic stops. Long story short, players’ health is protected but the coronavirus pandemic has caused an economic tragedy for the clubs.

On the other hand, UEFA is scheduling on alternative calendars for the return of soccer. Not only managing local and international leagues but also for the major leagues like Champions League and Euro League to be delayed. In order for this to happen, many other leagues must reschedule their calendars and get approval of each country’s government. Although this means that the fans are still unable to attend the stadium and feel the thrill, but the main key is to get the sport back on track.

According to KPMG, nearly 4.5 billion euros is loss due to the drastic drop of soccer activities. The English Premier League are taking the worst part among the great 5 leagues around 1,250 million euros. Solely in television rights, the most famous league in the world will have a loss around 800 million euros for the rest of the season.

major soccer leagues

Germany Bundesliga Returns Despite The Coronavirus

After 66 days of inactivity due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bundesliga resumed behind shut doors with cautious prevention. Bundesliga grab the attention of the whole globe, and with the upcoming major European Leagues coming back. Because Bundesliga is the first major soccer league to return, all soccer fans have their eyeballs on the German league. Even though we are unable to attend the attend ourselves, we still could provide live scores to our users. You could still follow and track the latest soccer livescore and news on 55goal.

Europa League Clubs Damaged by The Coronavirus

The European soccer leagues are entering their final stage when the coronavirus pandemic hits. Therefore, everything needed to be stop. Clubs are now trying to lessen the impact of the suspension. Due to the fact that most of the Europa League teams are small-sized markets’ team. They do not belong to the big five European soccer leagues. Most of these clubs stand in the middle of the league standings, therefore they are fighting for a spot to the next Europa League season. Now they would need to bare the logistic fees cause by the hiatus. In addition, their incomes source like matchday revenue, media rights, and commercial income are heavily affected. They also could not sell tickets to the fans even the match resumes.

UEFA Europa League

With similar damage inflict around the globe, soccer teams that are still competing in the UEFA Europa League will most likely unable to generate ticket sales revenue as the future matches could be played behind locked doors. They even have to refund the tickets that are purchased by fans before the coronavirus pandemic. Smaller clubs will feel the effect more heavily as ticket sales is vital for them. On the media rights, a refund request could be asked by tv companies for the pending matches. Similar case will happen on the sponsorship’s aspect, as there are no one attending the games. The bonuses grant by UEFA for performance or disputed matches are also at risk.

According to UEFA, 510 million euros will be generated via the 2020 Europa League. But this amount will drastically drop as the coronavirus pandemic hits. Lots of small teams are trying their best to make up for potential losses by cutting wages or even expelling a staff, and more. Facing these challenges are a massive obstacle for majority of the soccer teams in the world. Yet, we hope that the soccer industry will return back to the old version. For now, you can browse around 55goal to acquire the latest soccer news and information. Watch previous instant replay of goals scored by football stars and check livescore today. You can also check the livescore on mobile as it is responsive, with this you will never miss anything regarding to soccer news and goals.