Top 10 Best Premier League Players in Season 2019/20

The 2019-20 Premier League season has been one of the longest seasons so far. As one of the most anticipated events in the modern society, it has finally concluded after over 11 months. Football has been suspended due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, as the top-flight came to a stop for three and a half months.

After the Premier League’s resumption, there has been drama all over the place. Liverpool finally became the champions of England for the very first time in over 30 years. Without too much surprise, some of the most standout performances are from the champions themselves.

As one of the longest seasons in Premier League have ended, here are the 10 best Premier League players ranked solely based on their performance. Check out the other major football leagues.

Top Performance Players of Premier League Season 2019/20

Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United

Manchester United signing Bruno Fernandes in January has been a great move to save their faltering league season. The Red Devils are under performing against their rivals and almost surrendering their Premier League spot. Bruno Fernandes have motivated the whole team with his energy and lead them to a third-place finish. Fernandes made 14 Premier League appearances for the Red Devils since his debut in February and remain undefeated in the game. With just a short period of time in England, he scored eight goals and also achieved Premier League Player of the Month consecutively. Although he might not be the highest paid football players, undoubtedly, Bruno still catches the eyes of fans.

Top 10 Best Premier League

Danny Ings – Southampton

Danny Ings finally made a comeback and performed wonderfully this season with Southampton in the Premier League. He successfully put 22 league goals under his name in the top-flight. Well known for his finishing skills in the penalty area, Ings performed consistently with Southampton and put himself in the spotlight. Ings’ top notch performance has grant himself a place in the list of best Premier League players as he finally recovers from all his injuries and scored more than 20 goals for Southampton.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool

The 21-year-old has quickly made himself a one of the most anticipated soccer players in the world of football. Trent Alexander-Arnold is Liverpool’s best providers in the Premier League. Having a record of 12 assists last season which sets the record for most assist by a defender in the Premier League, he made himself a new record this season by achieving 13 assists this time around. Apart from the assist, he also scored 4 goals against Chelsea making him one of the best Premier League players and also best right-back in the world. Liverpool is also one of the most valuable England Soccer Team 2020.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - Arsenal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the bright stars in the football world playing for Arsenal. He enjoyed and aced a successful season scoring 22 goals in the Premier League. Sadly, his superb performance and effort did not earn him any trophies or position on the league standings as Arsenal finished 8th in the Premier League. Aubameyang holds the Golden Boot last season but fell short of one goal this season to Jamie Vardy’s 23 goals.

Mohamed Salah – Liverpool

Mohamed Salah’s Liverpool career is nothing but exceptional. Having to achieve a back to back Golden Boots in his first two seasons, but he missed out on the award despite scoring 19 league goals. Aside from that, Salah played the strength of pillar in the team for the Reds as they finally got their hands on the Premier League trophy breaking the record. Holding on the title as one of the best attackers in the game, Salah put up 10 assists in the top flight making him in the list of best Premier League players.

Jamie Vardy - Leicester City

As we mentioned above, Jamie Vardy has achieved his first Premier League Golden Boot scoring a total of 23 league goals for Leicester City. This leads Leicester City to reach a fifth-placed finish. Vardy also became the oldest player to ever win the Golden Boot beating Didier Drogba’s record at the age of 33. Even so despite the age, Vardy has shown no signs of decrease in speed and led the team perfectly putting him in the best Premier League players list.

Premier League Players in Season 2019/2

Sadio Mane – Liverpool

One of Liverpool’s most important player in their lineup, Sadio Mane played one of his finest seasons in his career. The Senegalese star player sum up a total of 18 league goals and 9 assists for Liverpool and achieve PFA Player of the Year award. Mane shared the Golden Boot last season with Aubameyang and Salah but he is known for his incredible pace and skills on the ball and a keen eye for openings, making his one of the best attackers in the world of football. Therefore, having him in the list of best Premier League player is inevitable.

Virgil van Dijk - Liverpool

Many have recognized him as the best defender in the world of football, Virgil van Dijk is the fifth player to ever play each minute in a title-wining season in the Premier League. The other achievements the dutchman have achieved is coming second for the Ballon d’Or in 2009 behind Lionel Messi. Last season, he also grabs the title of PFA Player of the Year award since John Terry in 2005. With these awards backing him up, It is undeniable that he will make it to the best Premier League player list.

Jordan Henderson – Liverpool

The Englishman have no doubts on making to the best Premier League player list after having years of him playing as player and also as captain. Henderson played one of his best seasons as he was name FWA Player of the Year and winning the Premier League for Liverpool. Like a pillar of strength, Henderson’s tireless running and accurate passing range plays a big role on Liverpool winning the Premier League this season. Therefore, Henderson is an irreplaceable member of the Reds.

Kevin de Bruyne - Manchester City

Despite the list dominated by Liverpool players, Kevin de Bruyne was the most standout player in the 2019/20 campaign and grant himself a status of the best attacking midfielder in the world of football. De Bruyne’s impeccable skills allow him to tally Theirry Henry’s assist record of 20 and additionally have 13 league goals from midfield position. This Manchester City midfield is now the most anticipated player and also most likely the holder of PFA Player of the Year award.

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